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Eugene 'Gene' Lee

Founder and Managing Partner

Gene's odyssey commenced with the pursuit of a BS in Business Administration and Management at Central State University, a distinguished HBCU in Wilberforce, Ohio. Building on this foundation, he furthered his academic achievements by earning a Masters of Business Administration. Transitioning into the professional arena, Gene initially honed his skills in sales, evolving into a sales leader for several Fortune 100 organizations. His journey reached new heights when he assumed a leadership role at LinkedIn, the global epicenter of online professional networking.

In tandem with his family's proud military legacy, Gene dedicated 11 years to the U.S. Army. His diverse roles included serving as a Scout, Infantryman, Bradley Commander, and Howitzer Section Chief. Notably, Gene demonstrated exceptional courage during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011-2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). As a .50 cal. machine gunner, he earned the esteemed Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB), a testament to his valor under fire and active engagement in ground combat.

Motivated by a profound desire to secure a robust financial future for his son, Caleb, Gene delved into real estate investment nearly a decade ago. Recognizing the imperative of breaking the cycle of generational wealth stagnation, he set out to redefine his family's trajectory. Fueled by passion and an unwavering work ethic, Gene has transformed TLG Development into a thriving multi-million dollar real estate firm. His focus extends beyond financial success; Gene is dedicated to revitalizing communities reminiscent of his upbringing in Detroit, MI, creating a positive impact that transcends generations.

1.844.533.2534 ext. 701

Eugene 'Gene' Lee
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